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Welcome to the I Brazilian Meeting on Technology for the Production and Regulation of Biologics – TECBIO’s website. The event is being organized by the Universidade de Fortaleza (UNIFOR) and will be held on 20th to 22th, July 2017.

TECBIO will be divided in 2 areas: technological innovations in biologics production and regulation of these biological products in Brazil and worldwide. Among the subjects discussed, we highlight production of monoclonal antibodies on cancer treatment, animal cloning, gene editing with CRISPR/Cas9 and registration of biological products in Brazil and in the United States.

The event will feature national and US pharmaceutical industry professionals, renowned researchers from Brazil, Chile and United States and representatives of the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) and Ministry of Health.

The event’s format will allow gathering great national exponents in this subject with successful international examples. Certainly, new partnerships will emerge from TECBIO and, in the mid-term, will allow the country to overcome the inertia on the production of biologics and modernize the legislation meeting the desire of those who master the technology and, more importantly, the society that needs more efficient treatments against the diseases that afflict it.

TECBIO expects to produce high-level discussions and solutions to leverage the chain of biologics production with national technology. The event’s location could not be more appropriate: Fortaleza, the beautiful capital of Ceará, one of the most popular touristic destinations of Brazil.

We hope you have a great event!

Organizing Committee.

  • Innovative technologies for the production of biologics

    Biotechnology is a science field in clear expansion and aggregates professionals from different areas such as medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, biology, and agronomy, among others. An example of that is the production of biologics, which can be done in a diversity of platforms, such as mammalian cell culture, transgenic animals, plants, fungi and bacteria.

    The global biologics market reaches about U$ 200 bi annually. Only in Brazil, these biological products generate a cost of R$ 4 bi every year, corresponding to 38% of the total trade deficit of medicines.

    TECBIO will present professional speakers in the boundaries of knowledge in technologies and platforms for the production of biologics. It will be addressed the production of monoclonal antibodies in mammalian cells, utilization of plants as bioreactors, production of polyclonal antibodies in transgenic bovines and biologics in genetically modified goats. As tools for these platforms, it will be discussed the use of animal cloning, CRISPR/Cas9, rational engineering of proteins and recombinant adenovirus.

  • Regulation associated to the development of biologics

    Brazil has produced good quality research that advances in the boundaries of knowledge regarding the production and characterization of biologics. However, these successful examples rarely reach the market. To overcome this “death valley” that exists between scientific research and technology transfer, it is necessary to gather the national biotechnology chain, allied to those who develop the products with the industry and the vast knowledge of the standards established by Regulatory Agencies.

    In this context, TECBIO has as main objective to aggregate different groups that produce biologics in Brazil with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies. Successful examples in the development of innovative technologies and in the approval of biologics in the American agency, the FDA, will present lectures, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Health and the National Sanitary Surveillance Agency – ANVISA.